Annual Report 2019

Hi All,

Thank you to all our valued members who attended our Annual General Meeting last night and to the Springvale and District Netball Association for allowing us to use their club rooms.  I am pleased to announce the new and returning members of our Committee for 2020.

Our new Committee for 2020 is as follows;
President – Craig Henry
Vice President – Ash Singleton
Treasurer – Andrea Cormick
Secretary – Kirsten O’Callaghan
Junior Coordinator – Alan Corbin
Uniform Coordinator – Jane Tucker
General – Craig Sexton,  Kristen Blake,  Ash Riddiford and Brent Riddiford

We would like to say a HUGE thanks to our outgoing members Adam Watson our Treasurer for the past 4 years, Brian Evans and Grant Irving for all their hard work , thank you for wanting to put your hand up and make a difference within the Dingley Baseball Club.

Watto I would personally like to thank you for your support over the past four years, you have made my role at the club easier, very much appreciated.

HUGE thank you goes to Coach Willsy, for your role as Club Coach last year,  this year Jack has taken on new full time work opportunity,  we wish him every success in his new role / position.

Your outstanding contribution to the role was greatly appreciated, in 2018 when Larns became too ill to attend training’s and games you stepped up and throughout 2019.  Your leadership, interpersonal skills on and off the field and creating a positive learning environment for all our Junior and Senior players.   Thank you Jack.

To our 2019 Committee,  without the support of our volunteers there would be no club and your individual contribution has been recognised and truly appreciated

This year the Committee is proud to announce and welcome Tony Cevec as our Club Coach for the 2020 season.  Tony is a valuable playing member of our A Grade and has the necessary skills and attributes to lead our club for a successful 2020 season.  Congratulations on the appointment Tony,  you have the full support of the Committee and members of the Dingley Baseball Club for this Winter season.

Congratulations also to Harrison (Harro) Wills, our home grown t-baller to Senior A grade player for taking on the role to manage our A2s.  After a successful coaching year in 2019 resulting in an U16 Premiership the Committee welcome and support Harro into this role.

Congratulations on both appointment guys, good luck.

Please find attached our Annual report, anyone wanting a copy of the financial reports please email myself for a copy

Winter Baseball starts after Easter, more details to come……

On behalf of the Committee, we look forward to a great Winter ahead!


Kirsten O’Callaghan
Secretary – Dingley Baseball Club

Click here to see the Dingley Baseball Club Annual Report 2019